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Forcing Out The Silence 10th Anniversary LP | White


The 2004 release that started it all, available for the first time as a standalone 12" LP

- Exclusive White 150g vinyl, hand-numbered & limited to 100 copies worldwide, available nowhere else
- Etched B-side
- New 10th anniversary vinyl remastered by original producer Will Benoit at The Radar Studio
- Heavyweight uncoated reverse-board jacket with 2-sided 12x12" insert includes complete lyrics and liner notes.
- Art by Matt Schwab & Junius guitarist M. Nieves / Radar Visual

"This darky lush epic is the best soundtrack for reveling in the melancholy of actually living since My Bloody Valentine's Loveless."
— Alternative Press


1. [elan vital]
2. hiding knives
3. from the isle of the blessed
4. [elan fatale]
5. forcing out the silence

Produced by Will Benoit & Junius